• I would thoroughly recommend Crafted 852 for any upcoming events. We were also lucky enough to sample some of the incredible produce available to buy at Crafted 852's online shop – let's just say I will no longer be buying my olive oil at the local supermarket! 

    Foodie Magazine
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  • 送禮喜慶日子快將到臨,是時候為你的摯愛奉上悉心挑選的禮品,展現你對對方的愛意與關心。然而,唯一困難就是你並非能簡單為每位對象選購節慶禮物。到臨Crafted 852網上平台,選購來自世界各地的工藝產品和獨特體驗吧——全由網站創辦人Nolan Ledarney精心細選。

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  • Crafted 852 offers a range of experiences that combine a love of food with social gatherings. Choose from a range of social events and cooking classes, and if you can’t get the whole squad, just grab your bestie and indulge in a master cooking class. You won’t regret it!

    Sassy Hong Kong
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  • Crafted 852, an online platform offering exceptional epicurean experiences and artisanal products from across the globe that have been carefully selected by the website’s founder, Chef Nolan Ledarney.

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  • This is by far the best pesto I've tried. It is delicious straight from the jar and without any additional seasoning, so minimal preparation is needed. We use it to marinade chicken, cook pasta and as a dipping sauce.
    Crafted 852 also sells this at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended!

    Grace Crafted 852 Customer
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