Rarely does an opportunity to acquire an exquisite five-year aged pear brandy come your way.

We secured this fine spirit through a cooperative relationship with the folks at Deep Cove Brewery and Distillery. Our Master Distiller, Charles Tremewen was approached with an offer to transfer three barrels of brandy to Long Table Distillery because Deep Covers distillery license would only permit them to produce spirits made from BC agricultural inputs. As it turns out this unique spirit was distilled from Oregon grown Bartlett Pears and by regulation was subject to disposal to retain their license. When both distillers shared a tasting of this brandy they recognized that to discard it, was out of the question. The result was a cooperative bond established between two of BC’s micro-distilleries to work together and save, what we believe, is an outstanding example of a VSOP Reserve Pear Brandy we know you will enjoy.

This Limited-Edition Reserve Pear Brandy was rested in 2009 in Pinot Gris barrels. Today this beautifully balanced spirit has a nose of honeysuckle, pear drop, and vanilla sweetness. Up front on the palate, there’s a touch of oak and honey, followed by a gentle vanilla that fades into pear and sweet alcohol warmth – Salute.

Suggested uses: this spirit would make an excellent addition to several high-end cocktails including, but not limited to Old Fashioned, Sidecar, Alexander or a Sour. However, the spirit shines when served neat or on the rocks.

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