WILD Virgin Coconut Oil – Certified Organic

  • Whats Inside?
    • 100% fair-trade, certified organic virgin coconut oil
    • contains 500ml
  • Nestled among the pristine ocean reefs of the Solomon Islands, family grown wild coconuts are cold pressed and packaged within 60 minutes of harvest. A Direct Micro Expelling™ process guarantees that the natural health benefits of this wholesome product are not destroyed during production.

    Enjoy Coconut Matter WILD virgin coconut oil straight from the jar or as an energy booster in your morning coffee, juice or smoothie. Gentle on the skin, nourishing for the hair and ideal for oral hygiene and everyday well being.

    Baby, pet & Earth friendly :)
  • Coconut Matter chooses to only work with sustainable fare-trade coconut products each purchase of WILD virgin coconut oil provides TRADE not aid for the Solomon Islands’ family run farms. During harvest the Solomon's ancient rainforests are protected by utilizing an existing resource and are supported by a sustainable, self-fuelling, zero-waste process. To find out more please watch 8 steps to Pure Fresh WILD virgin coconut oil.

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